Ethnografilm 2015

SUBMIT NOW for the next Ethnografilm FestivalParis, France, 8-12 April 2015

All non-fiction films (earliest release date Jan. 2008) are eligible for the 2015 festival.

Submit before December 1st for reduced rates at Withoutabox!  Filmmakers, note that Withoutabox (WAB) recently allowed free submissions of screeners.  If you would rather use a Vimeo link, add it to your film Synopsis in WAB.  Please do not send a DVD.

Next April in Paris, Ethnografilm features Q&A after each session, free food and wine for directors and guests, and free tours of the historic Montmartre district, focusing on film.

Interview with the Director

Highlights of Ethnografilm 2014

Review of Ethnografilm 2014   Thanks to Lisa Pasold for her outstanding 2014 roundup!