Greatest Ethnografilm Quotes

Best Quotes from 2018

From someone who had screened at Cannes: I love Ethnografilm because of absence of snottiness.

From an international relations specialist: I learned more about international relations than at the main professional academic convention on international relations!

From Cine 13 staff member: We love your festival so much…the theatre comes alive!

From an academic who spent all day working on his laptop just outside the screening room, when asked “why?”

The atmosphere here is just so much better than anywhere else, even though I have a deadline and can’t watch films!

After firing her professional photographer who scared off subjects she had worked with for 3 years: “What I’m gonna do, I got no movie.”

Conversation between filmmaker and festival director.

Filmmaker: We just love this festival so much.

Wes: Great! We really like making people happy!

Filmmaker: Oh, I see. You’re co-dependent.

One of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

You have provided inspiration that I will continue to think on throughout the year and as I approach my next projects.

Fantastic festival. You did an amazing job. I really enjoyed every single film I saw, and that was around 20 films.

Festival was great – amazing films and filmmakers, different points of view.

What a great festival! Absolutely wonderful!

The best festival I have ever been to.

What a great team spirit great ambience great films great people.

My favorite festival in all the world! It was fantastic: thought provoking, diverse, delicious…

I had such a wonderful time last week and it is no exaggeration to say that participating in the festival has been a highlight of my life.

Everything was perfect, the location, the amazingly friendly and supportive team of festival organisers, the wide array of interesting and, at times, inspiring films, the opportunities to chat with the interesting and, at times, inspiring directors, the wine.

Very good and intense experience for me!

Without doubt memorable and exceptional.

I was so impressed and inspired by Ethnografilm and I would love to be a part of it if help is needed.

Made some great friends!

Wonderful festival – very friendly and full of lovely little touches such as the paintings.

So intellectually and creatively stimulating!

Great experience I will never forget.

Interesting theme I have got from the last day of the festival – Why people have the need to create new rituals in Modern World?

Great time in Paris!