International Years

For the past two years, Ethografilm has been asked to create short movies for the “International Years.”

2016 is the International Year of Global Understanding.  This short movie was created by the directors of many of the 2016 films, who selected clips from their movies that best represented the concept of social understanding.

A Tribute to Global Understanding.

2015, the International Year of Light

The organizing committee of the International Year of Light asked Ethnografilm to create a short film to launch the event at UNESCO in Paris in January 2015.

Let there be light…and noir!

Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. This interplay of light and dark was typical of film noir, a metaphor of good and evil in plots that featured crime, detectives, and mystery. We celebrate this genre through a salute to Augustin-Jean Fresnel, the inventor of a lens for lighthouses that was later used for movie and theatre lighting. Light Years features serial murder and a star-studded group of suspects over a half-century of film. Whodunnit? Ultimately, we learn that the Fatal Fresnel Lens has incinerated five cameras that recorded their own demise.

Wesley Shrum and Gregory Scott (Directors). Brett Dietz (Composer)