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Map of 2019 Ethnografilms

Saturday 20 April 2019

11am Gushegu Exile
el árbol de la vida
Dancing Manilenyos
Traditional Aboriginal Art-Fact or Fiction?
1:30pm The Battle of Jerash
This Damn Town
In the Year of the Dog
The Revolt in Ruins
Beyond Climate
The Last Bootmaker of Sic, Transylvania
4pm Finding the Virgo
Ladies Cheap Cocktails
We Are Blood
Sauce is Very Peaceful
Our Family Album
Bloody Phanek
The Flight of the Condor
In Search of a Bororo Mr.Right
Angelina Gomez Lopez
9pm After Prayers

SUBMISSIONS For 2020 will open in early June.

Hot off the press! We are delighted to announce a new edition of our Traveling Ethnografilm program, 27 September 2019, to be located in the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus! The venue is to be the Home for Cooperation (H4C).

If you want to get a sense of what we are like before you submit, download the full program for any of the six Paris festivals.  For example, Ethnografilm 2018

Note to Filmmakers–we would love to see your films from anywhere on  Planet Earth, not just premodern societies and far-away places. If you have both “feature” and “broadcast” (under one hour) length, please submit the broadcast version for a higher likelihood of acceptance.

Eligibility for 2020: All non-fiction films (films with release date after Jan. 2014)

Map of Ethnografilms

What is the Ethnografilm festival?  An interview with the Director during the 2016 festival.

By tradition, our last film is always the projectionist’s choice! News! Ethnografilm has established a new site in the new world at the New Orleans Jazz Museum! In October 2017 the first annual Ethnografilm New Orleans was held. After the last session of Ethnografilm over 40 directors retired to the nearby Autour du Moulin to continue the discussion! Directors at Autour-2 Associated with the festival is the Journal of Video Ethnography (Gregory Scott, Editor) April in Paris! Ethnografilm features Q&A after each session and free tours of the historic Montmartre district.